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Being Veggie in Vietnam: Vegan Vietnamese Spring Rolls Restaurant Review

In this episode of Ninja Teacher TV, Miranda tries out the menu from a new local vegan and vegetarian restaurant called Sp’roll, here in Saigon, Vietnam.
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Check out Sp’roll:

Our Teach in Vietnam program:


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  1. Another tip for Vegetarian food is to look for a Pagoda or Temple the "Chay" or vegetarian places are located around them. If you go during a full moon they usually have double the # of options and the food is amazing. I was just having this food conversation with one of your students the other night at the English Club. Maybe I should come and do a video on cheap eats as I live on less than 100k per day usually and today I had 3 meals for about 60k.

  2. The quantity and quality of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits available at the markets in Vietnam is absolutely amazing. I just spent three months in Saigon and Da Lat and visited the market every day. The price will pleasantly surprise you as well. I can't wait to go back.

  3. Great video, thanks for the review. I've tried their food as well and it's so delicious, LOVED their Vietnamoffee pie! Their peanut sauce is to die for as well.

  4. Someone enroll me in a Spanish class ASAP after my terrrrrrible pronunciation of "Hombre" over and over again 😓​​😂​

    Can't wait to order Sp'roll again! I've heard they've updated the menu a little since I filmed the video as well, so head on over to their Facebook page for more info.

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