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  1. Been there! Sorry most of the masseurs seem to be ladyboy's with massive alteration and skin due to using bleaching pill and chemical creams. I was absolutely disgusted by how hi maintenance the masseurs were and as well not one hint of natural female odor from any of them. Gents when a tit does not bounce much ya gotta suspect plastic of air bags. Not an ounce of fat on many of em either.

  2. i agree with the others. it is not good. blurry. jittery, if that's a word? just because you film, doesn't mean you post. i have just got off the Vomitron!

  3. A chicken at Walmart costs 5 bucks, but if you prefer a bigger firm touch go for a turkey which is around 10 bucks, why travel that far, pay that much

  4. Do the women who work in these" high end " massage palaces regularly establish outside relationships with the normal clientele? Does anyone have reliable information regarding this question? And am I correct in assuming that the majority of the customers are asian / Thai mles ?

  5. have you ever watched back your videos they make you sick watching them blurry not smooth at all felt like I was in a rollercoaster ride .

  6. Too pricey.. Wonder if the girls drop their Price if no-one pay for it.. This is top quality girl but not sure about the massage itself

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