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Bangkok and Pattaya full budget tour plan in telugu

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Coral Island trip with activities

Art in Paradise

Underwaterwprld pattaya

The Sanctuary of Truth

Tiffany Show

Nong Nooch Garden

Mini Siam

Pattaya Floating Market

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Book Combo of Sea life Bangkok & Madam Tussuads

Safari World Bangkok

Chao Phraya Princess Cruise

Pattaya little expensive hotel (Serentol hotel)

Pattaya Budget hotel (Basaya Beach Resort)

Bangkok hotel (Muangphol Mansion)

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  1. హాయ్ ఫ్రెండ్స్ ఈ వీడియో లో ఒక్క విషయం చెప్పటం మర్చిపోయాను వీసా కి passport size ఫోటో కూడా కావాలి వీడియో ని లైక్ & షేర్ చేయండి

  2. Brother, there s no need to go ekamai again from mochit. A1 bus last stop is mochit bus stand which is Bangkok main bustand where u can travel to Pattaya in cheap way

  3. Time Gap mana kanna 1:30min mundu untaru annaru manaki 9 ayinappudu vallaki akkada 10:30 elaga avutadi mundu time cheppali Kada next chepparu enti plZ kasta reply pettandi

  4. Chinna doubt meru madyalo cheap hotels dorikithe stay cheyandi antunaru,bt visa thiskunnapudu hotel bookings confirm ga undali annaru,emaina trick undha like suggestion

  5. 1 Suggestion – plz share steering side left/right for driving in that country, it's helpful for those who hiring self drive cars
    for example "in India -right side steering, left side driving"

  6. Hii bro September 1st I am going to Bangkok is Visa is free of cost..

    And one more doubt I am carrying 20000 Thai bhat Currency from Hyderabad.we are two people going at Visa center we have to show funds by cash or in Account

  7. ఓరిస్సా కి కలకత్తా నుంచి చాలా తక్కువ పడుతుంది. ట్రావెల్ కూడ 2 hours only

  8. Hotels check in 2pm ki annaru ok but manam morning 10 am ki velithe allow cheyyaru annaru 1 day mundhugaane book cheyyandi annaru enti akkada naku ardam kaaledhu brother.. already manam hotel India lo ne book chesukuntaamu kada..

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