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  1. I just purchased the same Argos refurbished iPhone 6 16gb in silver and it didn't come in an official apple box like yours (it came in a flimsy flat white box with 'refurbished iPhone' written on it) nor did it come with apple earphones or a plug adaptor like yours, it just had a cheap third party 'ifrogz' lightening cable.

    The iPhone was also scratched on the top back and sides, and the camera lens was cracked…

    The Argos website stated that I would receive a 'grade A' refurbished iPhone, but the one i received couldn't even pass as a grade C.


    Iphone was returned to Argos who didn't seem to care about what happened..

  2. They say Serial number in Refurbished iphones starts with 5 . Does your iphone s Serial number starts with 5 too?

    would you please tell us your iphone s serial number?

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