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Apple Watch Series 5 review: the best smartwatch

Apple’s new Watch Series 5 starts out so far ahead of the competition that Apple didn’t need to do much. But it did one big thing: add an always-on display. In this review Dieter Bohn gets into all the new features of Apple’s latest smartwatch.

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  1. Your sentence with the full potential nailed it
    right now its not where it should be they are wrist computers yes but not reliable ones yet!
    When they come up with batteries who can last much more and drive the price down so many more can afford them these things will be awesome

  2. I know that we used to hunt wild animals, throw spears etc.; but to actually have to put my Apple watch on the charger next to where I sleep every day? Omg, not sure if I can handle that kind of daily strain.

  3. Must agree, if you use iphone Apple Watch as a "Smartwatch" is the best.

    Can´t beat my Garmins for training but on the other hand Garmin only wins on training and battery ..:)
    If Apple just could make one extra BIG 52-58mm with big battery it would be sweet..will never happen tho. 🙂

  4. Sorry to disagree, but I would go as far as to argue that the Garmin Fenix 6 is the most advanced smart watch out there (and I wish to be proven wrong, but not by an apple absolutist). Technologically advanced = what the watch can do for you, irrespective of means (CPU etc).

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