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Apple Watch Series 5 Review: One Big Tradeoff!

Apple Watch Series 5. You already know Apple Watch. Add one big tradeoff.

Apple Watch Series 5:
Apple Watch Series 4:
Apple Watch Series 3:

The Death of AirPower: Explained!

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  1. Why dont they have a schedule like so at night it'll turn off the always on display. During day time its automatically always on. Like in Xiaomi amazfit watches

  2. Certain things I’d love to trade my Apple Watch 4 for the 5 (the always on is HUGE) but I’m good till the 6 (which will improve the benefits of the 5 as well as adding more) alongside the iPhone 12 🙂 (which hopefully gets always on with iOS 14)

  3. so my mum just bought the apple watch series 5. and it cost more than MY FRICKING PHONE. here i am searching up "budget technology" on youtube..
    also.. Please make a budget technology series Marques!!

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