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Apple, Please Keep Doing This! – iMac 2019 Review

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Another year, another iMac, but this time we got a pretty big upgrade in CPU horsepower! Can the iMac tame the Core i9, or are we in for an epic burn?
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  1. The end has be dead LMAO Linus plays a message from their Ting feedback number Guy: "Uh we don't actually have Ting here in the UK". LMAO Linus you could've picked a message from someone that actually has used Ting 🤣

  2. I know very little about computers. I just surf the net and download videos and pictures into my old IMAC which gave out on me recently. I just ordered a 27 IMAC 5k and selected the least expensive model a 6 core 8th gen I5 something with a A 3.0 MHZ. I upgraded from a 1TB Fusion drive to a 1 TB of SSD for an extra 500 bucks. Hope I made a wise choice in going from fusion to SSD.

  3. The mouse connector will be a problem if they have to be charged every week. But the single charge of the mouse last MONTHS. My first charge was 3 and a half months of use. Put that charge connector wherever they you want apple.

  4. EHHHhhhhh bleh I love your vids linus but seriously ting is so bad… and you plug them so much… Good grief.. Call em right now… You wait on hold for half an hour… if they are open… Not to mention i could go on for days about how bad their service is.. aaannnnddd the pricing is deceptive… they also tack another 10ish $$ worth of taxes and fees on top of what they tout via their website and other ads.. ya dude.. Go do some serious research and please stop plugging a crap company that advertises as a budget phone service but costs 60-70 a month pretty easily when most can get the same service more reliably for 25-35$ /mo with about a gagillion other more reliable phone services

  5. Uh oh – bias alert: never heard you complain about the level of non-recyclable materials with any other PC. And $208 is not the same as "several hundred dollars."

  6. It would be awesome if Apple released an i9 8 core mini with 4 SODIMM slots to get that 128GB of RAM and put 2 NVMe SSD slots accessible from the outside in there, too. I’d bet it would fly off the shelves.

  7. Non-recycleable material? 

    Please, just report what you're reporting on and leave the nazi-esque "eco" crap for the socialist morons who use verbal "enviro-terrorism" to frighten people into political and politically-correct fascism in order to try and beat us into world socialist submission.

    Apple… your employees are too politically-correct and left-wing silly enough as it is. So PLEASE… pack your wares the way you want to pack them and tell the enviro-fascists to screw-off!

    As for the author of this vid… stick to what you're reporting on and stop boring the hell out of those of us who know better with your eco-correct BS. Styrofoam and plastic flipping' rule… so get over your eco-preaching self!

    Aside from that, great vid, and thanks for the info!

  8. Where I live there is no i9 option, only the i5 6 core 3.0, 3.1 and 3.7 ghz . I am about to buy a new iMac and was wondering if I use Davinci Resolve and mainly FCPX am I going to be OK with the AMD Radeon Pro 570X con 4 GB de memoria GDDR5. To buy the 8GB it is like almost 1000.00 more here and I did not want to pay that extra cost unless it is totally worth it. Can anybody let me know if they think it is worth the extra money for that graphics card option? Thank you very much!!!

  9. Remember that the iMac pro is much more customizable than the iMac 2019. On the iMac Pro we can add 18-core Xeon processor, 256GB memory, 16GB video card, 4TB SSD plus other enhancements compared to the iMac 2019 So i would go for iMac Pro because i believe it is a working computer for over 20 years just customizing from time to time.

  10. I don't get why apple don't make the Mac a little thicker at the back and help with thermals… Who'd actually know if their new iMac was 2cm thicker than the last one.

  11. I'm confused. Apple's website says you can only add 64GB RAM, however Linus and some other Youtubers say it takes up to 128GB. I checked my local apple site (im from Europe) and the US version but both say maximnal of 64GB on the 27inch specced out model.

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