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Apple Certified Preowned Refurbished iPhone 6 Review

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  2. I have no idea. Dont know buy refurbished or not. Does anyone can answer me if I buy refurbished Iphone will this update ios system like in original one or not ?

  3. I bought one and it still hasn’t come but the seller said that it has been delivered. Please help what should I do?

  4. I bought a refurbished iphone 6 (gold) today from eBay and I hope it is in good condition if not in gonna be pissed😂

  5. Ordered my 16GB iPhone 6 9/2/ paid the 12$ next delivery, nicely packaged delivered by FedEx @ 10am sharp… Phone was in excellent condition

  6. i found a iPhone 6s refurbished with unlocked GSM 4G Dual-Core Phone in Walmart for $288.99 plus $10 shipping. Tell me, is this a legit real iPhone or some cheap knock off? I also want to know if it has fingerprint capability.

  7. should I buy a 6s on amazon for 280$? almost all reviews are good but there's a couple people that got broken phones or no phone at all

  8. i was wondering if this is real or n not i once bought fake china phones and it was really well reskined android to ios . second r is it fully unlocked and works in New Jersey usa

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