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  1. I did a few tests in a custom match and found the following:
    Yes, AP Trist has more DMG from her E and Ult, but does close to lvl 1 supp (an exaggeration, but you get my point) DMG on her AA’s, where AD Trist still does A LOT of DMG from her E, but does significantly more DMG from AA’s, therefore increasing her overall DPS, making her better for extended fights and in my opinion the better option.
    “But what about AP Trist’s burst?”, I hear you ask. Well, at full build, lvl 18, by the time you fully stack your E with a jump, 2 AA’s and your Ult, AD Trist makes up for the lower E and Ult DMG with her AA’s and the DMG from that combo remains even.
    Conclusion: AP Trist has more burst in the Early/Mid game, but get completely outscaled by AD Trist in the Late game. Therefore: try out AP Trist if you want to have some fun or just have a laugh at how fast you delete champs while fed, but for ranked play: play AD Trist or risk being reported for trolling by not so friendly players😂.

  2. I just tried ap trist and our Oriana "support" flamed and insulted me the whole game, telling people to report me (I had told my team in Champ select that I was doing this) and to top it off we lost and Ori blamed me for it, I need a hug.

  3. Tanginamong hayop ka gago tanga bobo putanginamo ap tristana at ad tristana nakalagay sa title mo tapos may ibang hero kang lalaruin gago kang hayop ka sana ma ban kang hayop ka clickbait lahat ng video mo hayop ka tanginamo

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