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Amazfit GTS – Fitness Tracking Accuracy Test (Steps, Cycling, Heart Rate, Sleep)

In this video, I test out the accuracy of the tracking sensors on the Amazfit GTS! Among the tests are step count, cycling, heart rate, and sleep tracking. These are the 4 activities (if you count sleep in) I do on a daily basis so I’d like to share my experience with you! Do you plan to buy one?

Check out my in-depth video on the Amazfit GTS here:

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  1. What about the burnt calories, are they also accurate? Does the watch know indoor cycling too? Do you have to start up each activity to receive statistics or does the watch know itself? Thank you

  2. Hi, great video, got a question! Does the amazfit GTS recieve complete messages and notifications? If I send you a big text can you see all of it on the watch? thanks

  3. Are the GPS issues because it is in China? The amazfit bip has no issues at all when it comes to GPS tracking in India. If the bip and gts have same issue in China may want to look into it

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