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AirPods Pro vs Galaxy Buds vs Huawei Freebuds 3 vs Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

YOu Guys asked for a comparison btw the Galaxy Buds & the AirPods Pro, so here it is. Also two more headphones with the Huawei Freebuds 3 & the Anker Soundcore Liberty Pro. Which sounds the best?

Airpods Pro:
Galaxy Buds:
Huawei Freebuds 3 :
Anker Liberty 2 Pro:
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  1. Awesome video bro well done I now know what on to buy like how long it last but I look at the price $75 us is the right? Because you said 150 is that in pounds

  2. Tip: Don't use songs like "Beat It" for sound comparison, mastering and mixing standards and techniques 20 years ago were far different and worse then todays. Songs like "Beat It" are really good and surely have that charm just because they are mixed the way they are, but they are not adequate for testing the quality of bass, mids, highs or whatever you are looking for.

  3. Thanks playa but in all seriousness, everybody on YouTube spend countless hours trying to pit Apple vs Android ear buds. Its boring. But the fact is, if the ear buds can't get the best sound from the device and reproduce that sound, any result you get is only the best of what the ear bud gets from the device. If you are going to pit one OS vs another, why not pair any bud you review with BOTH OS. Its quite disingenuous to simply read the box then repeat the same comments every other Vlogger says rather than doing a real review.

  4. As an audiophile and a sound technician I disagree with you in sound quality on these items. Your using mainstream brands which is totally garbage as your preference to rate this buds.

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