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  1. your tip for teamfighting assumes the rejects in solo queue will pick a front line champion and not assassins and mages. Can we have an example of how to teamfight with no front line?

  2. Ok so…. In response to the add your own tips, and this just me saying ( probs just me doing n00b mistakes but here goes), how things usually work better for me is
    1) start ur game with a crt ítem. This allows for better lane pressure and keeps them on toe
    2) Mute your support. Why? Many supports will either play behind you(80% of times) or they have the wrong idea of Tristana.
    3) Tristana gets outrange by almost everything in game. Her autos are the same range as poppy dash, to make some perspective. Also if an enemy has silence that's the end of you. Her ability has range yes, but her needs follow up from her autos so u will be wasting them.
    4) Conqueror runes is a must, but the sub runes are bone plates and demolition are a must because your E gose to towers as well making lane pushing very hard and agresive
    5) Remember that early crt ítem, un late game u can have her 100% crt dmg. 500-0 enemy champ just make sure u have flash and W up for the retreat

  3. So im a low elo player (bronze 1) and I have noticed that I struggle with cs a lot, mainly because in a lot of the games me and my supp are bullied and forced to play from under tower and the adc we are versing in our lane will just snowball. Any tips that might help me from getting bullied in lane? Also really good vid, lately been playing a lot of trist bot, so really enjoyed your video!

  4. You mentioned player Trist mid or top but didn't mention what runes to go with, not even when using her for her job as adc did you mention what runes or builds to go with while playing out you're tips that you suggested, well at least i think you didn't i may have missed it or at least not in depth enough anyway for a tip video.

  5. I have had a significant amount of luck with hail of blades. I blow the bomb and get out safe almost every time.
    E,W,E. Super easy first blood a significant amount of time.

  6. I think that one of the best tips out there for tristana is the buffer on the w. If you time it perfectly you can ignore every form of cc and just jump away. You can ignore a whole alistar combo, it has saved me a ton of times, it needs practice though and you have to get it in games to get experience and confidence. If you know that 9/10 times you can do it you can abuse your range even more and be safer in later stages of the game, you even have the ultimate as self-peel

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