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2Gud | Refurbished iPhone 6 Unboxing and review || Technical Spot

How to get mobile, laptop, Accessories and electronic gadgets like speaker, led tv, fridge, mobile, laptop, tablet, watches, smart band, smartphone at cheapest price with the help of a genuine website i.e
but we have to note one thing that this website provides refurbished product


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  1. Note 5 pr 6.64.purchase 3 day's ago.
    I. Am facing a problem.
    Like new condition mobile. But display quality is. Very bad..
    My suggestion is. Purchase new mobile.
    Replacement bhi. Reject kar deye

  2. It's not refurbished it's a new fake clone iPhone theres nothing called a refurbished phone go and check it's warranty online by using it's IMEI number and if you open iPhone app store than Google play store will open

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