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2020 Corvette C8 Z51 Track Test! – One Take

This video was shot for the Road & Track Performance Car of the Year 2019 group test at Thunderhill Raceway West. Subscribe to R&T and keep print journalism alive!

The C8 Corvette is here! Mid-engined, dual-clutched, fighter-plane-meets-Camaro styled, and far cheaper than Porsche 911’s and the Acura NSX. With a 495 HP naturally-aspirated LT2 V8, double-wishbone suspension with mag ride, and the sport exhaust, this 3LT/Z51 car is the top of the initial C8 food chain, and makes us incredibly excited for future iterations, though less so for the base model.

GM provided the vehicle, a LOT of tires, and mobile support at the track for this test.


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  1. 3rd gear slides, bs, its because you have most of the weight of the rear wheels thats why, lol 🙂 putting aspects of the car like its a super car, which it is, for something worth 60K + 85 for a Z51 package ?

  2. Thanks for the level headed review. Also noticed the 'wall' between driver and passenger, odd but sometimes it's the quirks that make us remember cars. If every car would be perfect in every way like a 911 none of us could afford them and it would be boring. Congrats to GM for developing this I'd say, more competition is better for all car enthusiasts

  3. Great review! So proud of G.M. America can build a world class automobile when they want to! This C8 effort proves it. Porsche and Ferrari are not happy about this and they have a lot to be concerned about… especially that the C8 comes with a right hand steer option. This may be the first Corvette in hostory that sells more units overseas than here in America.

    I love your little pussy cat. It looks just like my little baby that I had to have put down last November a year ago. She was a sweetheart that always jumped up on my lap just like your cat did with you.

  4. Dude, this is the first year of a fully new model with a lot of new tech. Surely there will be tweaks and refinement on future models. I wouldn’t judge too harshly at this point. This is a huge step forward. The mea culpa’s at the end of your video didn’t take away from the visceral outbursts from your track day. This car is a touch point for GM and a great launching point for the future.

  5. This is a beautiful Corvette but it clearly displays design engineering from Ferrari and Lamborghini… with an American rear. Mid-engine? Nice touch but that has been something the Europeans have been doing for many years. Glad to see Chevy is finally catching up. 👍🏻

  6. Matt does a great job describing both the technical and emotional aspects of driving this car. Nice video!

    I wouldn’t lose sleep over the 6800 RPM redline b/c the LT-1’s awesome torque allows you to “plant” the rear car in a higher gear through high-speed turns on the track.

    Can’t wait to add onto my garage, as I can’t trade in my beloved C7 but I gotta have one of these, too!

  7. Wow!!!!! I want one. Ever since the Chevrolet Corvette came out I have dreamed about owning one. I made a mistake and we have a MV Agusta F4 Brutale that is totally unreliable for $30,000.00.

  8. I think your initial impression was the real one. I think after you talked with the supercar reps and your buddies, you had to downgrade the C-8 to just another corvette but with a mid-engine.

  9. corvette has evolved into something incredible! but the c8 has the crappiest wheel selection , i've rarely looked at a vette and thought damn it needs aftermarket wheels but the c8 i think damn cool car but all the wheel options suck so far

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  11. I clicked on this to hear about the corvette not. He wont shut up about BS and other cars sounds like a typical gamer dont know his ass from a hole in the ground 19minuts all this could of been done in 3-4 minuts top (Take your cat with you on the next test drive)

  12. I’m confused by your comparison to Porsche or Lotus. If I compared by price point alone, I’d say you were getting bang for your buck by buying the Corvette and also knowing that the after market goodies that will invariably show up make it a value for American car enthusiasts. And btw, I’ve seen cheesy plastic in high end vehicles as well.

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