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  1. Muy hermosa esa moto se aparece ala hermana mayor lastima que acá a Colombia las 2015 llegaron sin ninguna ayuda electronica al menos el abs tengo la KTM 390 ng muy buena tecnología que yamaha debe implementar al menos este modelo le cambiaron la suspensión delantera espero que llegue a Colombia igual que le metan más tecnología para comprar una

  2. A lot of people give people shit about riding a lower cc entry level bike….who cares. Support the face that the person is riding. Thats what's wrong with the community right now. Everyone wants to bash on someone. The matte black is freaking sick.

  3. I've got a 2015 R3 with a Leo Vince LV-10 slip-on, I love that bike, and I think each model has always visually looked a cut above it's competition (not saying it's competition is ugly by any means). The upgrades to the 2019 model are so rad (I wish I had inverted forks like yours), you should be proud to have such an incredible looking bike, that Akra sounds killer as well.

  4. Why only the slip on? Its not hard to put on the whole exhaust system, in fact it doesnt take more than 20 minutes to take off the fairings and the stock exhaust system and put the new exhaust system and the fairings back on. Cuts you more than 15lbs and sounds way better than just the slip on!

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