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2019 Review and Guide to Royal Caribbean Drink Packages

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A lot of cruisers ask us if the Royal Caribbean drink package is a good value. To help travelers who are debating whether to purchase one of these packages, we have put together this complete guide to Royal Caribbean Drink Packages in 2019.

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Odds are you are interested in knowing the value of Royal Caribbean’s alcoholic drink package, the Deluxe Drink Package. With onboard prices starting at $63 to $70, this package entitles cruisers to an unlimited number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages priced up to $13.

Among the beverages included in the Deluxe Drink Package are still and sparkling bottled water, essentially all bottled and draft beers, specialty and premium cocktails at all bars and lounges up to $13, and a wide selection of wines by the glass.

In our latest video, we cover all of the basics of the Royal Caribbean Drink Package, as well as provide a detailed cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate the true costs and value of the drink package.

Of course, you can also examine our complete guide to the Royal Caribbean Drink Packages back on our blog.

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  1. Very good video!!

    Remember this also, most of us would get the Soda/Water/Coffee package for about $20/day anyway. So that cost is offset from the Deluxe Package price of $55-70/day.

    So really the cost of the Deluxe Package is between $35-50/day or 3-4 drinks daily.

    The Deluxe drink package is worth it in the end for most people who plan to drink alcohol on the cruise.

  2. I’m sorry it’s not worth it in my opinion 5 drinks per day for 7 days and when you think about when you do Excursions for port days you won’t drink 5 drinks a day now you have to double up on sea days just to see you money back

  3. With the royal Caribbean drink package you get a souvenir cup that can be used in the soda fountain machine. There is not true way of washing this cup while on board, can this spread norovirus

  4. Super informative and beautifully played ~ I purchased the adult refreshment package for our upcoming week long Symphony of the Seas adventure for $165. I believe that to be a good value! I couldn't go without my specialty coffee in the morning and having the extras available are an added bonus!

  5. Just got off Anthem on Saturday. I am Diamond level so everything is free between 4:30-8 pm. With that in mind, between a la carte drinks and a 10 drink punch card I purchased, my bar tab was $193 total. There’s no way I could ever justify paying the $1,040 that the DLX package was priced at for our 9 night cruise.

  6. This is THE topic for all of us RC ers 😎. Likely will have. DP for my 2020 cruise…hoping they have. BF sale 😎.. and hey.. someone got to pay towards Coco 's 250mil build 😄

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