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2019 MacBook Pro review – This is what we asked for… [Back to the Mac 014]

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Considering the new 2019 MacBook Pro with 8-core Intel i9-9880H and i9-9880HK CPUs? Watch our hands-on unboxing and review to see why its a good update, yet the jury is still out on the keyboard. Unless you need the multi-core performance, or are in dire need of a powerful MacBook Pro to do your business right now, you would probably be better off waiting to see what the new 16-inch MacBook Pro looks like. What do you think? Read full post on 9to5Mac:
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  1. Hey there, thanks for watching this latest episode of Back to the Mac. It's a super early morning upload for the dedicated viewers. Also, there's another giveaway in this video and it's really cool. Leave any questions or comments below, and I will answer some on the next episode. Thanks again for watching!

  2. Its been just a month with the latest model of MacBook Pro 2019 and I have started seeing this flashing screen issue when I woke up macbook. The issue happens only when I turn it on from sleep. Its intermittent but happens for sure, have given it to repair center and will see what they have to say. I also contacted Apple customer care who did couple of troubleshooting steps like NVRAM, creating new user, safe mode but none helped. I bought this MacBook Pro from bestbuy. I have recorded the issue while happening, link to the video is below.

  3. Dear Jeff.
    I am Kennedy from Kenya. I am waiting for my 15 '' Macbook pro to be delivered. It will be my first ever Mac. I benefit alot from your reviews.
    What accessories do I need for my new Mac?

  4. No regular sized (legacy) USB ports. No Sleep indicator. Keyboard that is flimsy and unpleasant to use, where you can easily hit the caps lock by mistake without realizing it, or you're not sure you're typing passwords correctly because you don't feel like you're actually pressing the keys, due to the lack of key movement. One of the USB-C ports is wasted if you want to charge the computer.

  5. Pretty happy with the 2019 Mac updates. The new iMac is a beast with the i9 9900K and Vega 48, and I’m somewhat “glad” my 2013 decided to start dying a slow death when it did. I received the CTO iMac just the day before Apple launched its Back-to-School event, so I went into the store to pickup a pair of Beats Studio³. Then a quick call to Apple got me a full refund on those, plus a $360 refund on my 2TB SSD upgrade. Sure could have used last week’s ThunderDock Pro! Let me now if techtim89 doesn’t respond 😁

  6. This was very helpful and informative.
    I’m thinking about by the 13” MacBook Pro 256 without upgrading anything else, is this a smart move. ( Every YouTuber says upgrade to 16 memory but should I, that’s way too much money)

  7. I didn’t have any issues with the design of the previous macbook pro, in fact I actually love it and the fact that it’s even cheaper wow apple did a very nice job here l, definitely getting one and yea very great review and video editing skills
    And I have a question, Is it worth getting an IMac if I already have a MacBook Pro or should I just get a large screen and hook it up to the MacBook Pro?

  8. Thanks, Jeff this was a really helpful video. I've been wanting to update my macbook pro from 2012 for ages. This video proved to me that this new update on the 13inch is really beneficial. Thanks, mate – keep up the good work.

  9. STAY AWAY FROM THE 2019 MACBOOK PRO. You would think that after spending a small fortune on a laptop it would be able to connect to a simple wifi network consistently and not overheat on a daily basis. Nope. and after weeks of going back and forth with apple support with no resolution in sight, I've had about enough of this garbage. Absolutely unacceptable. Save yourself the aggravation and get anything else

  10. Apple: FIX THE ARROW KEYS. the left and right arrow keys need to be shorter than the up/down. currently they are so hard to find without looking down. how did a company become so stupid so quickly?

  11. You guys are using misleading naming for the videos ?? One one hand you say nothing has changed and then on video title you say “this is what we asked for “ ….. so confusing content … why do you guys put videos like these … useless

  12. always a great review man, your voice is just perfect for doing reviews. I’m really considering the new 2019 Mac, I have a 2017 15” that is giving me too many troubles.

  13. I was wondering if the 13” MacBook pro 2019 base model has the 3rd generation keyboard??
    Because a lot say that the base model mbp wasnt updated since 2017 including the keyboard

  14. Great review as always. 13" version still only has 16 GB memory! Not very impressive. Still stuck with a 2013 version… Can't justify $3K+ cost for so little upgrades. Apple is not what they used to be.

  15. Hey there, i never miss any of your video…9to5Mac is just for the apple fans gives all the info needed and i just never miss any news or updates of you guys…big fann✌️…yes we are expecting the face id on new macbook pro….(wish i get a give away😊)

  16. Can somebody help?
    I need a macbook for home and school use that lasts. The one problem i’ve had, with an Acer and MSI, is charging. The power really doesn’t last long enough. I don’t know much about laptops, but i’d really like to know, for example, the problems and positives with this 2019 model. I’ve been thinking of waiting for the 2020 model, and i want to ask if that’s worth it? When is the 2020 model supposedly coming out?

  17. Just received a 2019 i9. While it does get hot, it does not throttle and does tear through my workflow ( a lot of containers and VM's ). However… the keyboard… You can def. tell there is membrane. If it was possible you lose any of the tackle feedback the 2017 had. lol, if I could describe the experience, its more like "tapping" keys than "pressing" keys like a touch screen. The lack of any travel is almost like typing on a touch screen, you wouldn't try to "press" down on your iphone would you? Takes getting used to and I can't help but feel like a "power pecker" although I've been a software engineer for 17 years :facepalm: other than that its a great piece of kit!

  18. Is 16gb of RAM enough in 15 inch Macbook Pro 2019 for graphic intensive tasks(Such as 4k Video editing, Video editing, photo editing/YouTube videos) and everyday business and casual tasks ? And with graphic card I should go with(The base Graphic card or Vega 20) in Macbook Pro 2019?

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