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2019 iMac UNBOXING and REVIEW!

Unboxing setup and review of the new 2019 iMac lineup. We once again see another internal refresh as the design remains the same. Big improvements to the graphics this time around though!
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  1. The 2019 iMac gets another performance boost, but more importantly a great graphics overhaul. Curious if you’d take a maxed out iMac or a base iMac Pro? Or would you make your experience off of Space Grey vs aluminum? 🙃

  2. 5:37 I'll have one 😂😂 please 😬😁, the only thing I have is an £85 Phone that I got off eBay 🤣

    P.s I hope your back gets better 😂

  3. Honestly you could've just got the i9, 1 Tb of Storage(use samsung T5 2TB), 8GBs of Ram(because its upgradable put your own ram in) and paid half the price of spec out iMac.. And literally beat the 8 core iMac pro in just about everything but intense graphic work

  4. Since I'm just starting out with apple products. Well kind of I have a 2018 gold iPad, and iPod I've had for four years and two MacBook Air's a 2017 one and the 2018 gold color. I'm going to go with the 21.5 iMac that's a little bit of an older version. It's my first iMac and my mom is buying it for a Christmas present for me this November since I go to a private college which is super expensive. But thank you for this video it was super informative.

  5. iMac 2019 still using fusion drives now that’s a joke, they should be all m.2 ssd but no apple still thinks there customers are idiots come on apple get it sorted & before anyone jumps all over this saying you can get ssd’s your right but not without paying a shit load of more money.

  6. Apple does not make their own products. They design concepts. Then the engineers like Samsung, or LG make the parts for them. Most all in one iMacs have LG displays built into them. Also something you might find interesting. During his internship, Steve Jobs used to assemble frequency counters at HP.

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