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2019 iMac Base Model – Gaming in macOs

2019 iMac Ultimate Torture Test – By a PC Guy – Can I Kill it?
The 2019 27 inch iMac Base Model
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  1. should i get the 21.5 inch on highest model, or buy the 27.5 inch on base model for video (adobe premiere) and photo editing (lightroom-photoshop).. is it 8gb ram is enough for it? if it's not so should i buy the 27 base mode so i can upgrade ram on myself?

  2. Thanks for making a gaming video. I was about to make one because I keep reading how the iMac is not good for gaming? I have the 27in 6core i5 with Radeon pro 580x and I game Sekiro, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Need for Speed,etc. and absolutely love it! I game on Windows Bootcamp and sometimes mac. The display is so beautiful! $3-500 dollar ps4 vs $2500 imac? iMac was a solid choice for me! Thank you for showing everyone it works.

  3. Hey Tally Ho Tech what do you think would be the best configuration to buy for this iMac? I'm thinking mostly I just want to use macOS for everyday computer stuff (school including programming on MATLAB/Python and web-use), but I'd also like to bootcamp Windows onto it to game (nothing super intensive).

    I noticed the only way to bump up that 4GB of GDDR5 memory in the graphics card is to buy the 9th gen i5 6 core. Think it's worth it to bump it up to 8GB GDDR5 with the Radeon Pro 580X?

    If I do buy this I'm definitely gonna wait a few months for it to appear on Apple's refurbished site lol, definitely would upgrade the RAM myself, as well!

  4. I just bought the 2017 mid range model as it was my last chance to upgrade to something that runs Sierra. Did a bit of research on the radeon pro gpus.. its worth reading wikipedias page on it. All the radeons from todays gen and non x versions are all the same gpu.. its just they range from 768 – 2300 processing cores with different clocks. The imac ones starting at the 575 are actually valid mid range desktop cards.. i didn't know this and was pleasantly surprised.. since im running a 10603gb on my main gaming rig. Didn't expect that at all. Of course, then you consider the price premium, the fact you could get a desktop with 1k graphics card and a vr headset for about as much as an imac and then it flops back down again.

  5. Those games? OK? Apple have not, nor ever been interested in "attracting" gamers. This will never change. For the money of that iSlack I can build or buy a WinBlows PC that would smoke that glued shut joke of a personal computer. Apple = 2019 for "More of the same".

  6. The lack of SSD in Imacs is as annoying as the lack of phone Ram tiers that everybody expects (you choose between 64Gb or 256Gb , no 128 Gb the one everybody wants). This strong arming customers to buy the over expensive top lines is ridiculous and it is the reason I said goodbye to Apple after iPhone 4s.

  7. Thanks for this!!! I just ordered 2019 5k with 3.7ghz 6-cores i5, 40gt ram, RX580x 8gt + 2tb fusion drive and im very happy to see this kikd of video which actually shows that my new imac can easily play some games also😊👍🏻 Mainly i use my new imac for 4k editing, but this gaming thing is nice +😊

  8. Apple really messed the mark on this one. If they had redesigned this whole thing and had an SSD as default, it would have been a much better product, and I would have bought it.

  9. Awesome video as always mate, I am actually stunned by the performance of this iMac with a 570 under MacOS. I wish more games ran under MacOS, I still haven't got round to setting up bootcamp again.

    I eventually gave in and sold my 2018 MacBook Pro i9/32Gb w/560X and got a 2018 MacBook Pro i9/32Gb w/Vega 20 last month. I have the Vega 64 hooked up via TB3 at the desk although the noise of the card is annoying (stock blower fan) so thinking of getting a Vega VII once supported natively.

    However, I was just wondering if you could add the MacBook Pro with a Vega 64 eGPU to your benchmark suite if it doesn't take up too much time (I know benchmarks all take time though so understand if you can't). I'm just interested in knowing how much it adds compared to the other machines (eGPU to external display only and laptop closed). Thanks!

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