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2019 Ford Edge Titanium Elite AWD Full Tour & Review

By popular request we’re taking a look at the facelift 2019 Ford Edge Titanium with Titanium Elite Package.

Special thanks to Yergeau Ford in Acton Vale, Québece for helping us make this episode of TestDrive possible by letting us use their Ruby Red 2019 Ford Edge Titanium for this episode:

Our full tour and mini review of the 2019 Ford Edge Titanium Elite goes over everything you’d want to know if you’re in the market for a new mid-size consumer crossover. This vehicle is assembled in Oakville, Ontario, and has been refreshed slightly for the 2019 model year. The front grille has received an update with a similar look to the Ford Explorer. The new Titanium Elite package adds some exterior cosmetic upgrades like 20″ aluminium rims, lower body-coloured cladding with chrome inserts, and the 301A package.

For 2019 Ford has introduced three new safety technologies for the Ford Edge, including a post-collision braking system, evasive steering assist, and adaptive cruise control with full stop & go with lane centering. The Edge also comes with blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, rear cross-traffic alert, forward collision detection with emergency braking, a front and rear view camera, front and rear parking sensors, power lift-gate, and keyless entry.

Inside we find this vehicle equipped with white leather seating with heated front and rear outboard seats, ventilated front seats, driver memory with power, power steering wheel with heat, dual-zone automatic climate control, 8″ Sync3 infotainment with navigation, SiriusXM Radio, Apple CarPlay, & Android Auto, Vista roof (panoramic sunroof), 12 speaker Bang & Olufson audio system, ambient lighting, and wireless charging.

We take the 2019 Ford Edge Titanium Elite out on a road test to talk about how the 2.0L EcoBoost engine performs in-town and how the new 8 speed automatic transmission feels. We aren’t able to do any independent fuel economy testing at this time.

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  1. Not that I'm complaining at all about the interior of this car because I think it looks great, but I remember a few years ago when Cadillac was putting Chrome in their interiors and they were ridiculed relentlessly for using too much Chrome in their vehicles. This vehicle has more Chrome than any Cadillac I think it looks amazing on the inside! Now it seems most cars are using Chrome extensively in their vehicles and no one is complaining about that! LOL As always great review by the way!


  3. The Grand Cherokee really shouldn't be a 2 row, it seems FCA handicapped it for the sake of the Durango. The two vehicles roll off the same assembly line too. But since FCA plans on putting the Durango back on a truck chassis to compete with Tahoe's, the Grand Cherokee may get the third row it rightfully deserves.

  4. Wow so much negative comments! I currently own a 2010 Escape so the Edge would be a logical next step for me. I don’t know what exactly it is about Fords, probably that switch gear, the hood release, the rear hatch and seats all seem to operate intuitively for me. I’ve driven (not owned) the F150, mustang, fusion, and focus, and enjoyed them all. Not fancy but I like them, and that Edge too.

  5. Ford really needs to work on these guages and the dashboard infotainment layout is probably the same in all ford cars they're OUTDATED interior is crappy plastic plus it's pricey… other than that great brief review mate Thanks!!

  6. First thing I notice is how that dealship ruins the look of the car by placing FRONT ADVERTISING under the grill. That takes Balls. I would not buy there just because of that reason. Second this car is so old it begs the quesion “What is FORD Making that is updated. Lost Fusion, Focus, Festiva, Fiesta Hatch, and Sedan, They have a NEW Explorer which was way outdated too. $51K 2litres 245hp. no way. People who buy this are ignorant. Yes I owned a great Crown Vic in 1984 top of the line. Ford is sitting on it’s laurels as is GM and FCA with the same ole same ole while other manufactuers are pumping out updated cars, leeping them updated and fresh, SUVs, Luxury, and sports cars. Thanks for the review of a very expensive 245 hp 4 cyl. With crappy MPG and outdated interior. The otherthing FORDS are Famous for is BLACK ugly interiors with way to much hard platic and cheap buttons.

  7. Looks dated inside. That center dash infotainment area and gauges are really tired looking. I also prefer a V6. I definitely think Honda Passport is better in every way, and Jeep Grand Cherokee while also old hasn’t aged as bad and has V6 for even base level. I say just pass.

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