Posted on: January 2, 2020 Posted by: admin Comments: 40

10 Underrated RPGs You Need To Play

You’ve played God of War, the Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Breath of the Wild and now you want more?

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40 People reacted on this

  1. Kingdoms of amalur is an amazing game, very fun and accessible. Unlike dark souls that punishes you anytime, anywhere, it gets easier, too easy when you get to the max level: you get immortal. That's it's Achilles heel.

  2. Alpha Protocol is indeed a hidden gem. It caught flac for its general jankiness but did so many things right that no other game has managed. I wholeheartedly recommend it. A lot of heart.

  3. I want a remaster of Jade Empire. It is a good game but sadly I can't play it very well om my PC, too old, very low FPS.
    Another game on this list: The Technomancer.

  4. I came to hear a count down of underrated games and am now just playing this in the background just to hear Rach’s voice. Very soothing. ~shrug~ :/

  5. 8:03 my first thought when I hear Bioware is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Then I think of Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. Also all those tropes she says Jade Empire kicked off actually where in KotOR years before.

  6. I was sooo addicted to reckoning kingdoms of amalur it was such an awesome game, too bad it didn't get a sequel

  7. What Rach didn't mention about Reckoning is that it was made by 38 Studios, a game developer owned by MLB player Curt Schilling. Mismanagement of funds led to them defrauding the State of Rhode Island of millions of dollars, paid for by taxpayers.

  8. Jade Empire was criminally underrated. I just recently found my "limited edition" copy of it for original xbox. I think that was probably the first long game I ever played through multiple times.

  9. What a bad list, all of those RPG's are where pretty popular … I played all of em … no one ever mention Underral

  10. In my ex pid ee ence, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen has the most playable, fun , great battle engine ,and dark atmosphere outside of Skyrim.

  11. Pillars of Eternity
    Divinity: Original Sin II
    Planescape 1 & 2
    Dragon's Dogma

    Neo Scavenger seems really fun

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