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10 Must-Play Anime Games on Steam's Summer Sale

It’s that time of year again! Time for Valve to siphon all the money out of our pockets under the guise of giving us great deals. Here are 10 Anime Games on Steam that are worth playing.
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  1. I got the first three for tails in the sky and I was disappointed with the MC Esttela as she was just Meh she wasn't built to be the best of anything and gets outshined the first game best Character was Joshua hands down. SC Agitate best fighter and most use full with his skill/craft set , Oliver and Kloe both are much better arts users and have a much higher ATS and Oliver's crafts are also better due to the range and damage he does. Kloe brings amazing support. I think Estella being both the daughter and trained by Cassius she should be much much better then she is and I just fell at all times that she is the weakest link her crafts needed debilitations on them or have her speed up so she is attacking back to back at all times something to make her stand out even her Orbment was meh. I also hate how a level 1 art say firebolt will hit for like 700 for like 9 ep with ep cut well then you do napalm breath art that is a level 3 cost like 30+ ep and it hits the same monster for like 8-900. not only do I feel like I wasted a turn but also EP.

  2. so forgive a weeb for asking but, i loved huniepop and im wondering what other good SIMILAIR games i can play to ENJOY my day, im not really into a full on visual novel tho.
    i played mirror aswell (i like) and also played niplheims hunter branded azel and meltys quest i ENJOYED those aswell, so any recommendations, love me some good ole dating sims!!

  3. Doki doki literature Club is also an AMAZING game it's an anime horror game and has hidden things in the files while you play and messages you get in the game folder (the game is not what it seems)

  4. My friend sent me huniepop this month as a gift wondering why I didn't own it yet and I just bought the last 5 part to higurashi and i also bought fruit of grisiai as well

  5. You've got much different tastes than I do.

    My favorite anime games on Steam (and I realize this was about a sale that's gone now) but my favorite anime games on steam are.

    10. Eiyuu Senki
    9. Higurashi
    8. Maitetsu
    7. Shuffle!
    6. Princess Evangile
    5. Fortune Summoners
    4. Muv-luv
    3. Recetear
    2. Disgaea
    1. Hyperdimension Neptunia

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