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10 Hours of Gout Tubers (what are these?) – OSRS Challenge

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10 Hours of Gout Tubers OSRS Challenge. Today we go out and cut jungle in Tai Bwo Wannai and see how many gout tuber plants we can obtain in 10 hours. No spoilers, but we actually ended up making a bunch of money for a fairly afk process.

Gout tubers are useful plants for Iron men accounts and normal accounts as both needed for medium Karamja Diary. They are in high demand for this reason and is why this method of collecting gout tubers is highly profitable.

With minimum requirements this might be the best afk money making method in OSRS period. Seriously it’s really good and if you need some easy cash with low effort go out and do this!

Songs Used:

Limes – Hooplah

Limes – Moonbeams

Joakim Karud – Rock Angel

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  1. Got any more 10 Hour challenges to complete? Going to take suggestions from the boys. If I pick you, you'll get all the loot from the next challenge 🙂

  2. you getting one so fast just triggered me lmao, took like 6 hours to get on my iron

    edit: just got to the part where you got a 2nd within 5 minutes and said there would be a lot of triggered ironmen. You're not wrong

  3. I have a fun pking challenge for you! Fight someone with (expensive) armour and weapon, make sure it looks like he's on the winning side for the whole fight. Just before you run out of food, high alch your armour and protect 1 item for the weapon. Leaving your opponent with only a stack of cash when he kills you.

  4. Hey bro, ive got a little idea. I've never seen people do it before, but what if you go to the slayer tower and buy runite ores from people there because they can't alch them. Ive tried it before and it gave a good result. Maybe you can do it better 🙂

  5. Try crafting clockworks in a player owned house, use ring of dueling to bank at castle wars then use a house tele to get back with an inv of steel

  6. This is a spoiler of a different kind. why do ppl make these kind of vids every time one of these vis gets popular every money maker in them becomes absolutely worthless. this is something most people would probably would have enjoyed figuring out in game and it wouldn't have been wrecked in the GE from over abundant use.

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