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1 million YouTube subscribers Achieve only in 2 days 53 year old uncle Korean rich

Today’s YouTube 1 Million Subscribers only in 2 Days
Let me find out about a 53 year old Korean uncle.

Name Baek Jong Won

Born in 1966, the current age of 53

Opened YouTube channel and reached 100,000 subscribers in 1 hour

100,000 subscribers in 1 hours

600,000 subscribers in 12 hours

1 million subscribers in 2 days

2 million subscribers in 3 weeks

2.7 million subscribers now

And within a month of opening the channel, we’ve shown them
receiving both Silver and Gold buttons at the same time.

Mainly uploaded contents are cooking contents.

100 Servings Large Food Recipe

Cooking Log

Baek Jong won Recipe

Lectures on restaurant business

Baek Jong won business story.

These are the contents of cooking.

Let’s find out how a 53 year old uncle in Korea
got such great attention.

Korean rich
korean food counterattack
Home food baek teacher
Food truck
Alley Restaurant
Street Food Fighter
Gang Restaurant

Hanshin Pocha
haemul tteogjjim0410
Saemaul sigdang
ppaeg dabang
hong kong ban jeom

Wife SoYujin

baek jong won youtube channel


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