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  1. 1:55 bruh haechan straight up sounds like a american teenager who has his room in the basement and loves skipping school just to play video games with his best friend johnny

    what kinda wattpad fic is this

  2. times like this really reminds me that hyuck and i are just the same age bc sometimes we forget that bc of all the lights that we see on stage but its good bc even in this way he's still able to live this kind of life and im happy with that.

  3. I loved this! Haechan we need more gaming videos.
    Definitely inspiring me to re-download overwatch I bought it over two years ago and the graphics wasn’t working so I just gave up on it I never played it trying to re-download it and see how it will go. Hopefully it’s gonna work and ppl won’t be clown me because I’m a noob😂😂

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