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🇮🇳 How are Kashmiris coping under lockdown? | The Stream

Millions of people in Indian-administered Kashmir are living under curfew after the central government revoked an article of the constitution guaranteeing the state semi-autonomy. Thousands of troops have been sent to the Muslim-majority region to enforce government control, while telephone lines and internet connections have been blocked. Hundreds of people, from Kashmiri rights activists to professors and business leaders, have been detained by Indian authorities.

A day after Kashmir’s special status was removed on August 5, India’s parliament moved swiftly to pass The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill. The new act downgraded Jammu and Kashmir from a state to a union territory, while also separating the Ladakh region as another union territory. The sweeping changes in Kashmir come three months after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a general election in which they pledged to revoke Kashmir’s special status. But while prime minister Narendra Modi says the changes will herald a “new era” of growth in Kashmir, residents are angry that they have no voice as their rights are removed. Neighbouring Pakistan is also incensed at the move and has downgraded diplomatic and trade ties with India.

What lies in store for the people of Kashmir amid the ongoing lockdown? Join the conversation.

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  1. Modi has slapped the face and spirit of United nations, the current cenario is all because of UN, as UN promised the kashmiris the right of self detemination -which this human resource institution has forgotten for the last 70 years. shame on you UN

  2. With the arrival of Supreme Court latest Order on Kashmir issue, one can feel that things are back to the square one. The hasty step taken in the turbulent background has surely precipitated the situation. Suddenly holocaust has arisen so much so that both the countries have started talking about the nuclear war. And when you talk about waging the nuclear war then the other neighboring are equally involved in this. For how long this will remain to exit bilateral issue. The tumultuous background did not this require this hasty step in this manner. However, the Supreme Court’s appropriate handling of this sensitive issue may assuage or tone down the nuclear or hot tone which has erupted so suddenly. It is good to see that an opportunity has again emerged to retrieved the ugly situation.

  3. Since 1947 ad. Then bloodshed begun in Kashmir. How much blood with the UN Intervene on Kashmir? How many more people will killed if the UN send the peacekeepers? When Will India vs Pakistan conflict overs Kashmir? Why not listen to what the people of Kashmir want? Why not hold referendum in Kashmir? Will the people of Kashmir be with India, with Pakistan or as a separate independent state? These are the decisions that will be taken. This i's democracy and civilization. Land grabbing Kashmir is today a dead cremation ground for human rights violations.

  4. Strange!
    Since 2000 years people fights again people but all religions t each us to love each other ❤💗💝
    What s happened with humanity ? So many social conflicts ..wars …people against people !!!😢😭
    Animals are better than human !! I want to live such a gentle world 💖
    May God bless my friend from Kashmir 😢 since 20 blockdown !OmG !!!😲👀💀
    Peace and Love to all ❤✌

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  6. Natasha is right, their provoking the vulnerable kashmiris to resist for the land grabs.


    Me:kashmir better start learning how to fight because reality says: youre dead.

  7. LET THE KASHMIRI PANDITS RETURN TO THEIR HOME LAND, AND DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT! Kashmiri Is To India What London Is To Great Britain Or Bejin Is To China! 🚩🇮🇳🇬🇾🇹🇹🇸🇷

  8. I heard india threatend the bbc n aljazeera by saying whom gives u authority to interfere our matter?? N said whts ur intention bbc?? I feel its one kind of threat…

  9. here i see some ppl r using same strategy alltym n thy using terror wrd to defend their misdeed n they r saving all the tym by saying we just giving equal r8 to the all citizen

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