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고양이가 너무 귀여워서 새벽 2시에 잤어요

오늘은 잠자기 전에 고양이들을 한 마리씩 찾아가 보았어요.
고양이들 마다 각자 자기 자리에서 잘 준비를 하고 있었어요.
구독자 여러분들도 따뜻하고 행복한 밤 되세요 🙂

* 크집사인스타

* 둔둔마켓


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  1. I am crying . She adores them so.much.. for the umpteenth time was like why are they not saying or replying back. Ahh yes they can only meow not talk.. but they are so expressive no words are needed. And I was thinking who is chuchu licking?! 😎😎 Haha chuchu was so big and fluffy she was licking herself.

  2. Hola claire quiero decirte que siempre que estoy triste o estresada y veo un vídeo tuyo y de tus bebés gatos me siento mejor y olvido un poco los problemas. Gracias x tus maravillosos vídeos llenos de amor y risas 😻

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