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Yunnan has a kind of sweet bamboo shoots, which can be dirctly eaten raw. It tastes fresh and crisp, and has a slightly sweetness to it. Before my brother went to school, I cut all the bamboo shoots and killed a chicken. These bamboo shoots make delicious dishes, including stir-fries, cold dishes and bamboo shoot soups!

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  1. Im a north eastern indian…cant wait for the mainland to taste the dish which the people here cook so close to how she did😇😇
    Really wishing to share our diverse cuisine✌️

  2. hi dianxi, I am from indonesia, I love your videos,,, I always wait your new video, you are inspiring…😍 big love for you…

  3. You are an amazingly beautiful woman sweet and great tough, independent and hard worker makes me stunned! Nowadays, there are rarely women who are tough, hardworking, independent, like you. 1: 1000 other women only complain of being sick, afraid of being exposed to dust, afraid of being exposed to the sun, just putting on makeup and eating, shopping at the mall, what can be done cooking in the kitchen can not . look at your video I'm very impressed and stunned you are beautiful hard worker also smart
    Nice vlog.. Nice editing video 👌👌😘😘

  4. 소소하지만 호기심을 일으키는 일상들이 너무 아름답게 보이네요.
    그리고 영상이 보고있으면 마음에 안정감과 편안함을 줍니다. 운남이라는곳 꼭 한번 가보고싶어요.

  5. Delicious bamboo Shoot recipe 😍.
    So many recipes have made by bamboo.. Wow. !
    Is the little boy your brother?
    He is also cute.
    Dear I am also a small youtuber. I wanna do something better with YouTube. BUT without your help I'll not be able to do something better.. So friendsss pleaseeeee support me and inspire me. Thank you 😊

  6. 😍 I like Jack fruit n bamboo 👍 I like these two! My family always cook bamboo shoots soup with duck meat is very good. I think duck meat tastes better than chicken when cooked with bamboo shoots

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