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โดเรม่อนตอนแรก ค.ส.1973 [เพลง]

Episode 7 “Rats are as Weak as Cats”
Broadcast – April 22, 1973
Script – Satoshi Inoue
Storyboard – Seiji
Okuda Original – Fujiko Fujio
Production – Nippon
TV Video Used song – “Doraemon’s Melancholy” (sung by Kōsei Tomita)

I do not own “Doraemon” or anything related to it. “Doraemon” belongs to Fujiko Fujio, Shogakukan and TV Asahi. This material, belongs to the first installment of “Doraemon”, aired in Nippon TV in 1973 and produced by Nippon TV Video.




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